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Poker Chip Business Cards

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Mandy poker chips are widely custom made as business cards in different industries. As a wholesale manufacturer in the production and sale of poker chips, Mandy has been producing a great number of poker chip business cards for global customers. Whether you are retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers or individuals, Mandy can custom poker chip business cards with your unlimited logos and text. Poker chip business cards bring much fun and excitement of casino theme by being printed with your logo and message.

Mandy 11.5 gram poker chips are the most popular business card style. These casino quality poker chips are predesigned with aligned spots and stripes on the outer face rim and rolling edge. You can customize the recessed center of this chip with any logo, graphics or whatever your mind can think of to stand out your business. These personalized poker chip business cards are durable and water-proof, compared to the traditional paper business cards.

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Poker Chip Business Cards:

Mandy ceramic poker chips are a great option for your business cards with full colors printed on them. These ceramic poker chips are free printable for your business logo and graphics on two sides. You can even add your website or advertising slogan on the rolling edge. Your full-color designs are uncoated, NO sticker or label. And there’s NO additional cost for custom designs and colors of your personalized business cards.

Mandy offers more flexibility on minimum order quantity for poker chip business cards. We accept 300pcs as MOQ for business cards on ceramic poker chips.

Over the years, Mandy has provided 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on custom poker chips. Mandy professional designers will create a design proof as per your requirements on unique business cards. If you choose Mandy ceramic poker chips to build your business cards, free samples are available within 24 hours once you have an urgent request.

Payment methods are available on T/T, PayPal, and Western Union.

If you are looking for eye-catching business cards, Mandy will be able to provide you with the best solution on poker chips.

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