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  • Blank recessed area for high customizability
  • A collection of standard colors available
  • Your Pantone colors  available on request
  • Great option for any occasions
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Custom Any Inlay Poker Chips

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Mandy inlay poker chips don’t have a real metal inlay giving the look of a metal coin.

Mandy inlay poker chips carry two types of poker chips: composite poker chips and clay poker chips. All Mandy inlay poker chips have a real metal inlay or metal insert embedded inside on the recessed area of the chip, which gives extra professional weight and size to the chip.

Mandy inlay poker chips are perfect with the look and feel of real casino chips. Mandy inlay poker chips are available in different sizes and weights.

Mandy inlay poker chips are available with these sizes: 40mm inlay poker chips, 43mm inlay poker chips, and 45mm inlay poker chips. If you need other sizes, please contact Mandy for more information.

Mandy inlay poker chips are available with these standard weights: 11.5-gram inlay poker chips, 14-gram inlay poker chips, 16-gram inlay poker chips, 18-gram inlay poker chips. Other weights are available as per your requirements

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Inlay Poker Chips:

Mandy inlay poker chips have the blank recessed area for high customizability. These inlay poker chips are pre-designed for poker chip labels, poker chip stickers or poker chip decals that are laminated and affixed on the recessed center of the chips.

You can custom Mandy inlay poker chips with any logo, image or text as per your requirements for your professional poker games or promotion purpose.

Mandy inlay poker chips are great for professional tournament poker chips, cash game poker chips, poker chip wedding favors, poker chip business cards, poker chip ball markers, custom drink tokens, bar chips, poker chip challenge coins, bitcoin poker chips.

Mandy inlay poker chips are widely used as poker chips with denominations for poker tournament chips and homemade poker chips.

If you are looking for coin inlay poker chips, metal inlay poker chips or custom inlay poker chips, Choose Mandy inlay poker chips for an alternative.

Mandy Chips are available to rush out your urgent orders; please contact us for more details.