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Mandy tournament poker chips also named poker tournament chips and tournament chips are available in different materials, sizes and weights. These tournament poker chips can be chosen as per your preference. At Mandy Chips, you can have ceramic poker chips, composite poker chips and clay poker chips for your unique tournament poker chips.

If you are looking for a tournament pro series poker chip set, Mandy tournament pro series poker chips made from 10-gram ceramic poker chips are an alternative for your choice. These tournament poker chips are great for your poker games or tournaments. These tournament pro poker chips are high-end professional poker chips with 10 denominations from $1 up to $10000. Other denominations are acceptable on request.

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Tournament Poker Chips:

Mandy tournament poker chips made from 11.5-gram plastic and clay composite are good to build your poker chip set for a tournament. These tournament chips are real casino size and have a metal insert to give the extra weight. These tournament poker chips give the look and sound of a casino chip when you play with them in a tournament.

Mandy tournament poker chips made from 14-gram clay poker chips are perfect for running your live poker tournaments and leagues like a pro. The style, colors, simplicity, feel, and weight of these tournament poker chips add more fun to your tournaments.

At MandyChips, we provide a one-stop solution for your tournament poker chips from design to the finished product as per your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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