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Mandy clay poker chips are known as inlay poker chips, which have a metal insert to add the weight. These clay poker chips are perfect for casino chips. They clay poker chips can be used as both cash game poker chips and tournament poker chips in your casinos, poker clubs, poker rooms, and even your home poker games.

Mandy clay casino chips are available in standard multicolor including: white, grey, red, green, blue, black, purple, yellow, and orange, pink, brown. Other colors are available on requirement.

Mandy clay poker chips with all these colors will not be mixed even they are at the same table.

Your PMS colors are acceptable if needed.

Many clay poker chips are available in sizes: 40mm clay poker chips, 43mm clay poker chips,

and 45mm clay poker chips. Other clay poker chips sizes are acceptable on request.

Mandy clay poker chips are also known as sticker poker chips, printed decal poker chips, or vinyl label poker chips. Mandy clay poker chips combine pre-designed casino style poker chips with custom designed inlays.

The inlay is a vinyl substrate that is laminated and affixed onto the center of the poker chip. These inlays are also called vinyl labels, stickers or decals, which are laminated with a thick matte poly coating for lifetime protection.

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Clay Poker Chips:

Mandy clay poker chips are available with the following vinyl label, sticker or decal options: Frosted, Laser and Hologram.

The labels/stickers/decals of Mandy clay poker chips are available in different sizes: 23mm, 25mm, 26mm, and 29mm.

Mandy clay poker chips can be easily stacked. The flatness is great, and the feel is really good.

The edges are square but almost entirely smooth. There are no tags on the edges, and they stack beautifully. The sound of Mandy clay poker chips is also great when you shuffle these clay poker chips. It’s great fun to shuffle clay poker chips when you are at the table.

Mandy has a variety of clay poker chips. Mandy can custom clay poker chips with your logo, casino or club names on the vinyl labels on the recessed center of the chips. You deserve to have Mandy clay poker chip sets with denominations.

Come to Mandy for a professional poker set with clay poker chips. These denominations are easy to read, namely 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000. Other denominations of clay poker chips are acceptable on request. Many can custom clay poker chips with any denominations as per your requirements.

Mandy clay poker chips are great for poker kit in traditional poker games. You deserve to have a high-end poker set with Mandy clay poker chips. Clay poker chips are the most popular choice of the chips when playing poker. If you are looking for luxury poker chips or clay poker chip manufacturers, Mandy can be your better choice!