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Mandy 10g poker chips are high quality casino-grade ceramic poker chips. 10g Poker Chips are casino weight chips. You can easily find the chips with the same weight 10grams in casinos. The 10g poker chips are either clay poker chips or ceramic poker chips. 10g clay poker chips are known as Milano clay chips and Crazy horse clay poker chips.


Mandy also offers 10g polyclay chips which are a new breed of ceramic chips that fuse together the best polymer clay elements and ceramic chips with intricate impressions pressed into the chips.

These 10g poker chips can be with denominations and numbers as per your requirements.

Mandy highest quality chips are the 10g poker chips. Weight has nothing to do with quality. The weight of a chip is purely personal preference. Graphics on 10g poker chips are part of the chip, not like vinyl inlay labels or stickers. They are flexible and usable in many different poker games.

You can custom Mandy 10g poker chips with full-color graphics on face and edge. A wide collection of logos, images, photos, and text can be customized on both faces of 10g poker chips.

The rolling edge of 10g poker chips can be customized with numbers, denominations, and text as well. Mandy 10g poker chips don’t have additional cost with different images, photos, logos or text on both faces of the chip. Your custom designs and colors are directly printed into 10g poker chips.

There are NO stickers or labels adhered to 10g poker chips. Mandy 10g poker chips feature rich and vibrant colors which are permanently infused into them.

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10g Poker Chips – 48 Hours Delivery for Any 10g Ceramic Chips

Mandy 10g poker chips have full color, edge to edge graphics and a luxuriously textured surface, with rolling edge text and graphics. You can buy premium quality casino grade 10g poker chips from Mandy with free set-up charge and free worldwide shipping.

As a leading manufacturer for 10g poker chips, Mandy assures 100% quality guarantee on every 10g poker chip. At Mandy Chips, we have an art and design service team committed to designing standard and custom 10 poker chips.

Mandy 10g poker chips are perfect for tournament pro series poker chips and tournament pro series poker chip set; casino cash game poker chips, cash in poker chips and cash club poker chips; promotional poker chips for your business cards, golf courses, wedding favors, opening ceremony, and any special event.

The key features of Mandy 10g poker chips are free design service and free face and edge alignment; low minimum order quantity; competitive prices and fast delivery.